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As stated my life work does not stem from a cookie cutter approach or one size fits all menu. For those seeking additional information and insight of what may transpire on the journey, I offer the following dialogue and understanding as I have come to know it. My hope is that this sharing will better personify my offerings and teachings and provide you with further insight and clarity with respect to the process and appreciation for your next steps.


Cathy 1  
…to embrace the gift of inner knowing, one must first remember the truth of who they are …
…thirst for understanding eternal truths …
…empowerment to embrace divine purpose, greatness and authenticity …
…the sharing and teachings of sacred wisdom used to inspire all in the embrace of magnificence …
…discovery of the inherent beauty, intimacy and truth within the blessed sanctuary of the heart …

No words Can Truly Express

I have found her to be both a pleasure and an inspiration

She radiates Love, Compassion and Empathy

A person of integrity beyond the realm of what most of us see,
feel, hear and do

In an attempt to communicate some of what I actually do, it seems only fitting to have those willing individuals share their personal sacred experience and let their words be the basis of description for my offerings.

I have scattered testimonials throughout this site and once they have been read, one will perhaps understand a bit more clearly just what the true nature of my ministry’s serving really is. If possible please keep in mind that every person’s gift of truth is unique to them as can be their story… (Please click on the quote to view the full testimonial)

She has brought me breath, serenity and above all
brought me back to believe in the honesty of my own soul.”

Cathy is the epitomy of kindness, sincerity and compassion.”

It is in the celebration and honoring of LIFE that I consciously choose to “PAY IT FORWARD” through the vehicle of LOVE.

My serving is an opportunity for each of us to now open our hearts and embrace the courage that lies within to give from a place of love instead of fear. This is made possible in the remembrance that love is “for-giving” and not for-taking.

The awareness in all of us that is continually being stirred and heightened through media and reported daily events that occur on our streets, in our neighborhoods and backyards is merely just one of the many catalysts being used to provide us the opportunity to wake up to the reality of what we truly believe life to be.

People’s hearts are being touched through the many occurrences that seemingly disregard the divinity and truth of why we are here on this planet, in the first place.

Change is an inevitable part of our growth

It is in the knowing that change is an inevitable part of our growth and evolution within our universe; for change is what keeps the essence of life flowing. Every moment in our life presents to us the blessed chance to choose.

Choice is the only tool we as human beings are given to move within this circle of life. To choose or not choose is still a choice. Conscious awareness is a choice that awaits each and every one of us.

It is a chance to reflect upon this idea and decide whether it is time to move forward or remain behind as the opportunity for change is drastically upon us now. The divine order has been placed, the stage set and the instruments of love tuned for the heart song to be heard … with each of our own very distinct, unique expressions.

The only thing left is the commitment for each of the players to show up and say yes. It takes an immense amount of courage and strength to step up to the stage that appears unreachable to most.

Sometimes it is easier to place our trust into others or outside circumstances because of the helpless feelings we are left with each time we are faced with tragedy or life altering or ending moments.

The entire premise behind “Paying it Forward” requires responsibility on each of our active parts. The ability to respond in love is what will help support the imminent change that the hearts and souls of people are now asking for universally.

To claim what is rightfully ours is to expand our vision to include the idea of peace as an every day assurance in our lives. It is in the honoring of this voice of truth that lies within the depths of each of our inner sanctuary as a means of celebrating this life, all life.

The time is NOW

To first recognize the beauty in all … it is that simple! A world of peace must first begin within the hearts of the beholder before it can resonate to the outside. The time is NOW to make this choice of how we desire to embrace our life tomorrow.

May your hearts all dance within the oneness of this love, and joy that is inherently yours to experience!!

I am now as sure as any human can be that we are all connected somehow and that the connection cannot be broken.”

peace can come to those who allow it.”

In one session my world as I once knew it was over
and a new one of greater possibilities had begun …”

She always has words of wisdom to share and does everything with so much love and passion. There are not enough words that could touch the surface of all that Cathy offers as a truly gifted ‘Spiritual’ individual.”




Cathy 02

Freedom comes from understanding and acceptance…

as well as knowing that all things are divine and perfect … all things lead to the present moment. Surrender, trust and gratitude are the vehicles spirit uses for one to move into a greater sense of joy and well being even amidst the human experience when one appears to be bathed in fear, pain, desperation and all other ego driven emotions.

The act of surrender requires strength and courage to “let go” of all things not true. To give way is to allow peace, love and joy to come forth from within. As a peaceful human being, one does not go outside of self to attain, find and create peace … these attributes are birthed from within.

To give way would be to view all apparent weaknesses simply as teachable moments … if this sense of awareness is embraced the weakness then becomes one’s strength and the opportunity to serve is thus given.

My dedication to assist others in transforming their lives and then living from a sacred place of their true potential has manifested through the years in many ways. My own evolution has allowed me to be a student of many schools of knowledge.

I truly do not look at my serving as a “job”
but rather a calling.

I have really needed to reflect a lot in order to see that simply by sharing my own experiences I have become a vehicle for making a positive change in the world and a difference in people’s lives.

The writing of content for this section and website has been an extreme personal challenge. I have never been about self- promotion, in fact I usually shudder at the thought!

I suppose that comes from an ingrained belief pattern of fear of appearing pushy or greedy. I’m not a “toot my own horn” kind of gal so it has taken a lot of reflection and inner work to be able to shift my perspective on this whole idea in order to be able to offer this serving.

I have spent years honoring the work in almost a “secret society” kind of way … never promotion, always referrals. I have always viewed the work as holy and sacred which has seemed almost counter-intuitive to be describing it on the internet.

It has never been about me but rather what flows through me and how this has been able to help others reveal to them their own perfection.

That day I told her she had ‘healing hands’. I have since learned it is much more than her hands, it is Cathy.”

She makes me see and feel things in a deeper place and encourages me to listen to my spiritual person.”
She is a positive,loving energy.”
She is disguised as a human being, a mother, a wife, a spiritual advisor, a therapist, but she is really a human angel.”

“I’m definitely not a religious person”




Be willing to answer to self.

Every person’s experience is so unique to themselves that it is hard to make generalizations about the work. What I will say is that I am not a healer but rather the facilitator keeping vigil as one chooses to deepen their inner knowing.

What one’s heart is asking to receive is what is communicated and interpreted during our time together. It certainly requires much personal responsibility and willingness to do the inner work.

To remember the truth of whom one really is, it is essential to be open to learning and to seeing another perspective. Ultimately if one chooses this avenue, one must be willing to answer to self.

The healing comes from looking at the root issues as being the cause of the matter and then learning to recognize the triggers used to bring forth the opportunity for growth. People who engage in this form of work are those whom have decided to claim their essence and not to continue to buy into mediocrity that surrounds them.

The space provided to engage in this work is an incredibly safe trusting environment. Tools are provided to support and assist you throughout the process and the connection is meant to be utilized as an ongoing resource as you continue along the path.

By no means does this work support co-dependency … it functions as a means in releasing all outward attachments in order to trust the inner wisdom flowing through each of us.

She is a bright light,”

The moment I met her I knew she was someone special.“

I felt a sense of connectedness which I had never felt before.”

From this healing I now have the inner peace which we all so desire.“

Not only does she love what she does, she loves the people she gets to work with and she loves that she can help them and share with them in a part of their journey.”


Through my many offerings you will enter into a safe, trusting space that allows for exploration and self-discovery. Reconnection will naturally and gently unfold…understanding of one’s potentiality and the patterns that shape this emergence and life will be inspired and the knowing of what is truly serving the heart and soul will be revealed.

It is not uncommon at some point in all of our lives to be drawn to something or someone who we feel may just have the answers we are seeking. When this occurs it is inevitable for most then to believe that another world different from what one may be presently experiencing does indeed exist and that the probable reality of embracing it is not simply a myth.

There is a universal message widely being shared these days that by simply changing our thoughts, we change ourselves and realities and thus our world. In other words, the thoughts we have directly determine what we believe to be true, what we see as truth and thus what we experience.

So then, how does one change their belief systems to reflect that of what is being desired as a new experience in life? That question is the very basis used to describe the transformational work that occurs in the connections I share with those whom I serve.

Energy work is what is used in order to evaluate one’s current belief system in order to provide assistance in connecting to a higher consciousness. With understanding comes self-realization which then accelerates one’s spiritual movement and growth.

Energy work is the foundation used as energy IS who and what we all are comprised of in this universe. It provides an incredibly powerful means of teaching and healing. The gift of freedom lies within, once we are able to understand the inner depths and mysteries of the soul…the emergence and discovery of the beauty and truth that has always been kept safe within the very sanctuary of your heart.


Sessions are always thought provoking and practical. Storytelling and sharing of personal insights and experiences with the grace of divine light and love do provide the necessary techniques to bring about the healings our world is now somewhat open to receiving.

Spirituality does not exist in a vacuum… it does require practice, study and service. The concept of transformational work whether it be in coaching, motivational, distance, counseling, bodywork, ministry, music or written works – all engage the same element.

There is a sense of joining people, those who “hear the call” to others whom honor who and what we are as well as what we bring to this world. These divine connections as we learn to trust and recognize them do bring people together to be more than the sum of their individual parts. Within that space, thinking is birthed as ideas and frameworks are introduced to spark new possibilities for personal and global shifts.

Again it seems fitting to once again emphasis that another world and perspective can be attained while entrenched in this inner work. It is very important to realize that one can remain engaged while creating that world but it does require training, practice and support.

“freedom wake”

The process allows one to explore deeper aspects of being in order to support their own doing in the world. It is so apparent that in today’s world, the hearts and souls of many individuals are searching for paths that fully reflect their commitment to freedom.

This “freedom wake” can be simply an individual liberation whereby one recognizes the inherent birthright given to all or a collective movement whereby one claims a deeper sense of what “our responsibility” truly means universally.

Regardless of where one sits in their present situation, the training, or opportunity to practice and most important, the support to continue moving forward is what the serving of our connection provides.

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