He said, she said … but where is the love?

~ Message from the HEART DOCTOR ~

 RELATIONSHIPS, ahh yes, they are delightful experiences in many ways! Even if you are not presently involved with that “special somebody”, our entire existence is really based around learning to deal with some form of inter-relatedness and connection. Even if you have chosen the extreme scenario and have completely removed yourself from any kind of human connection, the reality is that you still have a relationship with yourself and your physical surroundings to contend with.

Today though I would like to talk about our connections to other people, actually about our love connections. How many of us have experienced the nasty moments of some form of betrayal within that very intimate, sacred space we share with another? It doesn’t even have to be tainted with the “sexual betrayal” brush, it can include any kind of situation that causes either you or your other half to have feelings of distrust of some form, or pain brought about because of untruths being spoken or truths not being spoken!

When this sort of thing lands in our heart space, what is the real message? Honestly, what are we to do with this sometimes devastating and numbing sensation that permeates every fiber of our being? Well, lets take a closer look at perhaps an alternative way of interpreting this very real occurrence. I am not going to share a psychological perspective but rather a personal view through the eyes of the “heart doctor“!

What ROLE do YOU usually PLAY?

VICTIM or PERPETRATOR is the beginning point that will allow us to see a deeper gift buried within the offering. In this delightful dance of betrayal, the players are either on the side of victim or that of perpetrator and actually throughtout the entire number, can switch sides at anytime as a means of keeping the music alive. What most don’t and cannot realize or even see at that point in time is the gift of freedom that lies within the exchange. Let me explain!

I am not saying that betrayal is a nice experience for anyone to have to deal with but the opportunity of course, should one choose, is to embrace the moment fully and own up to a personal responsibility and accountability that is being brought to the forefront of the shared relationship. You see, the deepest truth here about ALL RELATIONSHIPS be it family, friends, acquaintances or lovers is really to reflect back to you your deepest essence. So if you find yourself engaged in something like a betrayal, the freedom and release will come ONLY when you are able to OWN the experience and use your god-given ability to either RESPOND with love instead of the usual tendancy most of us two legged creatures automatically flow to, that being a fear based REACTION.

If this is too much for the mind to take in lets try looking at it this way. What if you were to hit the pause button long enough for the drama to stop playing out on the physical realm in order for you to have a safe space in which to become accountable, for not only your contribution, but also for you to choose your next moment of offering? You see, if both parties were able to face the inadequacy in this manner, the resolve would be completely different than what most folks are used to experiencing when this sort of thing finds its way to their door.

But WHY would we want to do this you ask?

If we as humans are able to actively engage our spirits to fill the void we temporarily feel, not only would we be lifted to higher levels of understanding and compassion (which is an ultimate achievement on its own) we would be able to live in harmony instead of the ways of separation that actually keep us longing to feel complete. More relationships would survive and OUR SELF RELATIONSHIP would prosper to levels the mind can’t even begin to fathom!

This sense of awakened freedom is what helps us to REMEMBER the TRUTH of WHO WE REALLY ARE! Without this knowing we will always find ourselves in battle with the illusions that plague our deeper purpose! So my beauties the choice is ALWAYS yours to make.

The next time you find yourself smack dap in the middle of some form of betrayal, do remember these words and find the courage within to try a different approach!! It does REALLY work ~ If you feel that your heart would like to have more clarity on this subject, please don’t hesitate to contact me … info@freedomwake.com

“own your life, engage your heart and let your song be heard my people”

2 Responses to “He said, she said … but where is the love?”

  • Donna:

    Well I can only speak from my own personal expeirences through this and it is all truth that has been written in this wonderful sharing! Responding with much “love” rather than reacting is much more powerful for self as well for the other in the relationship … really it is. I smiled as I came to the end for the beauty n truth of it all … however in finishing the read I also saw “who” was speaking through you in this and truly lol … WBCW!!! :) love you

    • admin:

      Yes … response over reaction anyday and in everyway certainly wins out in my heart … love and hugs to you sistah!

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