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In the time that I have known Cathy Matarazzo, I have found her to be both a pleasure and an inspiration. Cathy views life through beautiful, gentle eyes. Cathy is a kindhearted person and whoever meets her knows it instantly. She radiates love, compassion and empathy. Cathy is respectful of all religious and spiritual beliefs. Cathy believes that life is a gift to enjoy with all the pleasures and pains of growth.” ~ Shawne West RN, CONC

Cathy Matarazzo is a person of integrity, beyond the realm of what most of us see, feel, hear and do. Her special gift of healing enables her to send forth wisdom, reaching our inner souls. When you first meet Cathy, you are intrigued by her all accepting manner. You feel totally “at home” before any type of teaching comes forward through her gift. Because of this, it is so easy to accept and internalize what she speaks as truth. My own experience goes far beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Cathy is totally intuitive to what my needs are at that particular time and before I know it, I am back on the right track and ready to continue on this path we call LIFE. In this busy schedule of our everyday existence, we all need guidance that comes with the purity and innocence of divine love. This is what Cathy gives to each and every person who is blessed to receive this love. She does not pontificate biblical strategies per say, but, in her own gentle manner Cathy has the ability to embrace the light and pass it on to those in need. As a health care professional, I struggle as I observe care givers stretch themselves to those who are starved for their care. Both sides of this caring are in need of Cathy’s gentle healing touch. I see so very clearly, how truth and love and trust, the very foundation of Cathy’s healing, can be the warriors towards healing us all.” ~ Sandy Bell RN,BN,MN

An incredibly difficult time in my life and career brought me into the healing spirit of Cathy Matarazzo. She was my spiritual rudder through the storms and her love and wisdom arrived the way a fresh blanket arrives on earth. She has brought me breath, serenity and above all brought me back to believe in the honesty of my own soul. She sees like an X-ray the needs of the soul and gives the courage and clarity to follow its deepest stirrings. She has helped me to see the world through wide and loving eyes. Thank you Cathy.” ~ Evelyn Hart

Cathy is the epitomy of kindness, sincerity and compassion. Her manner is genuine, respectful, and calm. In addition she is open-minded, vibrant, and intuitive. I believe that in Cathy’s eyes, Spirits are all equal and any person from any walk of life would be fortunate to have her journey with them.” ~ Tracy Chornopyski RN,CONC

I am a skeptic. Similar to many, thoughts of mortality, purpose and afterlife were put off for more “pressing”matters. Then, my father died and I felt the weight of all I had deferred. Cathy introduced me to another way of thinking – trying to accept that life does not cease without a body to cradle it and that perhaps, lives stay intertwined forever. This comforting concept led to intense introspection resulting in a deeper sense of who I am and indeed who we all are. I am still a sceptic but I am now as sure as any human can be that we are all connected somehow and that the connection cannot be broken. I know also, that peace can come to those who allow it. Thank you Cathy for your gifts and sharing.” ~ Chris Ainley

I was blessed to have been guided by my chiropractor into the realm of Cathy’s healing ways after many years of living physically in pain. In one session my world as I once knew it was over and a new one of greater possibilities had begun … a realm that had been awaiting me to embrace me in all of my healing ways to be awakened and to serve … with the loving guidance through several more healings with Cathy, I completely walked into serving the spirit world and I have never looked back. I have come to learn that the connection that I have with Cathy is one of the soul. It is in that knowing that we are one serving the same purpose for all … to be well, whole and perfect exactly as we were created to be … a loving child of the universe!!! She is what we, as a world, need to bring peace to each individual who is ready to receive that which is in one’s highest – Simply peace… simply light … simply love!” ~ Donna Tarko

My name is Lisa, I am writing to let you know that I have been most blessed to have had Cathy my dearest friend, to have been by my side from the day of diagnosis, almost 5 years ago, to have walked me through every step of the way, surgery and 6 weeks of radiation. She came with me every single treatment and everything in between. Everyday she helped me through the fears and uncertainties that go along with this journey. She always has words of wisdom to share and does everything with so much love and passion. There are not enough words that could touch the surface of all that Cathy offers as a truly gifted “Spiritual” individual. Anyone would be blessed to have the opportunity to know and work with this most beautiful woman. She is truly the best!”
~ Lisa Moist

The first time I met Cathy was as a client for aesthetics and I immediately knew there was something very special about her. That day I told her she had ‘healing hands’. I have since learned it is much more than her hands, it is Cathy. She has been given a gift that flows through her in many ways. There is a gentle peace about her and I feel it whenever I am with her. She makes me see and feel things in a deeper place and encourages me to listen to my spiritual person. She hears more than words but where they are coming from and I have been the beneficiary of this many times. I look forward to the small pieces of time I can be with her because I always come away with a feeling or thoughts that I don’t want to go away when I go back into the rush of what has become our daily lives. Cathy is a very humble, generous person who doesn’t see herself as I, and as I’m sure many others do. Her gifts are many. I know there is a reason our lives connected and I will be forever grateful.” ~ Monica

There are no words to describe Cathy. Words are physical and she is so spiritual she is a feeling. She is a positive, loving energy. When you, meet, talk, or laugh with her you feel like anything is possible as long as you believe. She helps you believe. When you first meet her you might think she’s crazy, (again a physical attribute). Talk to her more then once and you understand and love her world! She is disguised as a human being, a mother, a wife, a spiritual advisor, a therapist, but she is really a human angel. The situations that are presented to Cathy are ones that most people would avoid. Cathy takes them as a blessing, allowing people to bring forth all of their hurt and pain and helps transition them into gifts. She provides a space without judgement, fear, guilt or shame for people to heal. She helps people transition from a caterpillar to a butterfly. She helps you come into you own world. Cathy has a gift and helping people find theirs is one of those gifts. Just as she has helped me find mine and I am forever grateful.” ~ Sylvie Berard

I’m definitely not a religious person, but I have always considered myself to have a deeper connection to what I’ve always called the bigger picture. Until recently, I’ve never been through anything significant enough to push me to explore what exactly ‘the bigger picture’ is to me. When going through the most gut wrenching, painful, disheartening and life altering experience I’ve ever yet faced, I turned to Cathy. At first for an open and non-judgmental ear, but soon I realized that she was, in fact, helping me to see my own ‘bigger picture’. Cathy helped me to find a calm, beautiful and peaceful place within myself which helped me to find peace in the events that had taken place in my life and forgiveness for those who had hurt me. She guided me to connect with my spiritual core. An experience that I get to keep forever and for that I am truly grateful” ~ Laura

I first met Cathy in June 2007 at a retreat in Colorado for the Beloved Community, the seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking. I was there to complete my work and be ordained as a Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking as was Cathy. The moment I met her I knew she was someone special. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her over the next few days to find out how passionate she was about this work and life in general. As an example to find out that she started the seminary at the same time I did, but because of life events hadn’t finished her work yet. She was so excited about being ordained and taking the necessary steps as soon as possible to complete her work. Not only did she do that but she jumped in even more fully becoming a facilitator for others who were taking a smaller version of the program, to guide them through their blocks as she had worked through hers. Her passion was so strong to finish this work and help others that I knew whoever she was supporting would gain great benefit from working with Cathy. I found out that soon after she arrived back home, she attracted 3 other women who wanted to work with her. That told me again of the passion, desire and inner strength that Cathy has.

During the retreat, I also watched how she blossomed even more from being there and connecting with the other students. Her energy was high and powerfully expressed as I learned that is who she actually is. She is a bright light, that really does allow herself to shine and people just automatically attract themselves to her. When she is connected to something that she believes in, she goes for it full bore.

I believe the greatest asset she has is her integrity in working on herself. I was amazed to just hear her talk and find out her beliefs, her insights, how she has learned to take responsibility for herself and I don’t feel like she has many, if any, judgments about anyone else. Personal growth is the most important aspect to me, and I thoroughly enjoy experiencing the depth of her inner work and the possessiveness that she expresses. Then I found out what a great musician she is, able to write songs that touch your heart as well as sing them with such inner power.

You know, I would say that Cathy is just really alive putting herself strongly into anything she does, whether it is parenting, marriage, work, performing or being a friend. Out of all the people I met at the retreat, Cathy is one person whom I have stayed connected with. I enjoy our talks, her energy, her light that shines so bright, her passion, her integrity in her life, her beauty both inward and outward. I would highly recommend her for anything she might be interested in or anything that others might be interested in her for. She is a beauty, one whom I just love talking to and being around. Her BEING shines brightly and fully.” ~ Reverend George Harris

Firstly I want to thank you Cathy for helping my son Matthew to cross over. It was right after that, that I chose to experience the healing for myself. The moment I met Cathy I felt at ease in knowing I had made the right decision. I felt a sense of connectedness which I had never felt before. Cathy cleared the energies so that I was able to do the work to help heal myself from within. After many hours of sharing I left with some final words of wisdom form her. She said, just BE. I did not fully understand what that meant, however, over time I have come to know the importance of that statement and that is where my focus is NOW. From this healing I now have the inner peace which we all so desire. Again, I am truly thankful to you Cathy for the time we shared, in peace and love.”
~ Debbie

My name is Noora Besharat and I have known Cathy for 13 years and have gotten to know her and how she changes many people’s lives. The work she does comes from the heart and so much passion is put in to what she does. When something feels wrong and you speak to her everything always ends up getting better. There is one lady in particular that Cathy has dealt with, her name is Seham. The pain and the heartache that I’ve seen this women go through was unbelievable. The one person she could always turn to for support was Cathy. It all started when Seham’s brother was sick with Leukemia and Cathy did work on him from a distance and always told Seham what was what and what things to do like pray to the lord and ask for healing and peace for her brother. Seham always told me that she felt at peace when Cathy worked on him. As time went on, Seham was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. When she found out she was heartbroken and she didn’t want to tell anyone because she knew she could fight it. The one person she did tell was Cathy because again she knew she would guide her through the rough times and work on her like she did her brother. The battle was coming to an end and Seham couldn’t fight anymore and the first person she wanted to talk to and let them know it was time for her to give up was Cathy. Seham passed away and now it was time for me to turn to someone for that strength because Seham was my mother. Cathy was there for me and until this day she still works with my mom and it puts me at peace because I know she is not left suffering. In all honestly Cathy is a dear friend of mine but who she is and what she does is incredible. Not only does she love what she does, she loves the people she gets to work with and she loves that she can help them and share with them in a part of their journey.” ~ Noora Besharat

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