This song is very interesting and it came to me this morning at a very profound time!  Thanks to a dear beautiful friend of mine who just posted it a while ago on Facebook, I had never heard it before but am amazed at just how in line with my feelings and heart the lyrics really are.

Society by Eddie Vedder


Sometimes the overwhelmness that comes from our physical human world can be a bit much … just as Eddie Vedder sings in his song “Society … I was really grateful to hear those words this morning because I have once again been able to find my way back into the sacred space of my own song.  The last few days have played havoc on that safe silent place of retreat that I can always go to and find my answers to any of the tugging questions that I may have … usually!

The whole experience of greed is one that we have all touched or been touched by at some point in our lives.  Hmm, I guess as long as you feel at home with those energies it is part of your evolution and there is no judgment coming your way from here.  But for those whom do not resonate with the calibration of greed, just remember you have the ability to move forth from it through the embracing of LOVE and PEACE and UNDERSTANDING

This song really offers up an opportunity for each of us to decide what it is we would like to have.  We are given almost a sense of permission to leave a life of superficiality and join our hearts in a dance of deeper meaning and simple beingness if we so desire to choose!

Well thank you because I have chosen and yes there may be times when I may slightly lose my footing (as I did the other day and went tumbling onto the ice covered ground) but as my Dad has always told me if I got hurt … “Cath, don’t worry, its far away from your heart you’re OK!!”  In other words, a little bruise or scrape is not going to affect the beauty and substance that is your heart, your truth  … your song!

So my beautiful people, enter your day with this knowing that you are fabulous and you have a CHOICE

SO ~ own your life, engage your heart and let your heart song be heard“~

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