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Heartfelt, Passionate, Authenticity, Peace, Joy, Love; these are a few feelings that flow over me as I listen to your music. I feel the depth of your heart that fills each song and the joy and presence that flows through your music. ‘Share my life with you in this Holiness’ what truly beautiful lyrics. Thank you Cathy for sharing your Music with the world! Nikita, Ashland, OR

Well after many, many moons of procrastination, fears OR simply perhaps just waiting for the divine timing and order of all things, the process has begun and the songs have started to be recorded! Make sure to buckle up, it may just prove to be an interesting ride…

The thing that really blew me away is how you have grown so much as an artist. Your voice is so grounded and full. It is a powerful transmission of energy! Beautiful voice. Beautiful song. Beautiful woman. In gratitude, Andrea

I was born into music really with many diverse influences … my grandfather was from Wales and had an incredible singing voice.  My brother to this day still is an amazing musician and artist, so for me being the youngest child in my family, I was always surrounded with much talent.  I have always been drawn to a wide range and genre of music where I feel the essence and sharing of heart and soul.  I myself never dabbled into singing or writing while growing up; this seems to be something that has just recently been birthed in the last decade and through the grace of God really, I have mustered up the strength and courage to truly honor this sacred expression.

A few years back I had the opportunity of connecting with a divine sister, whom was in the process of putting together her first, very own CD. Through magical circumstances that began in a dental office, I was soon introduced to her and her project. From that first moment of connection, she has become and continues to be a very dear friend of mine and inspiring spirit to the many lives she continues to reach with her angelic voice and precious being. The CD is called “Off the Box” and is a compilation of her true essence and divine reflection of her soul work. I am forever grateful to you Ali Cournoyer for the opportunity to call you friend, and soul sister. Within this musical work that was completed, I am honored and deeply moved to share that two of my own original songs were captured and recorded on the CD. From that experience, I was blessed to also have one of the recordings used in a short movie, written by Cam Patterson called “figment”.

Received and I am surrounded by the glory of your voice and music Dear One
Love & Gratitude for you and the sharing of your Spirit, Michael

It is important for me to explain that this truly was the beginning of what has become my own wake to freedom. Not much happened musically after that period of time. I went through a bit of a dry spell as I continued to truly marvel the workings of the universe as it pertained to this newly found expression that I had quickly become involved in. The CD was completed and I then found myself entrenched in new areas of personal discovery, most of which had nothing to do with music at all. At that time I often wondered if the universal gift had been given and the music creation as I once had known it to be, was now something of the past as I was once again being led onto greener pastures! Little did I know what was coming around the corner and how through the process of complete surrender I would once again be welcomed into the arena of my music … but this time not as an observer, watching from the side lines as all was created. No, this time I was being moved into the role of a full blown participant, one that would bring me into the experience, naked and vulnerable in every moment of its’ unfoldment!

I was about to journey down a path that in the span of six months would literally change my world forever! I was being prepared to embrace the process of loss and death as it relates to renewal and birth …

The truth then, behind what may now seem as a sudden outward expression for me with the release of this newfound music, was really a way for me to simply honor the passing of two very dear friends of mine last year. As part of that entire experience, I found myself once again writing after what seemed to be a very long time. I knew in my heart that I had to trust the inner guidance and overcome the fear of doing something that I have always walked away from … that of course being the whole singing and sharing thing. I’ve always been a closet, or should I say bathtub player.

Beautiful lyrics!  I love it.  Who are all the voices?  It is amazing!! In total awe! I truly feel better having heard your song today… Karen

Very few people have ever had the opportunity to hear my creations simply due to my lack of courage and confidence within this particular expression I suppose … the entire exercise of playing in front of another is completely unnerving to say the least. I shouldn’t have been too surprised mind you with this urge to suddenly find a studio that would welcome me in to record finally after many years of denial, considering my friend that now keeps vigil from a different landscape, was the person whom had worked hard to convince me to sing with him and go and record some of the material I have been writing for years. Hmm, so here I was, finally saying yes to this scary process, and then within what seemed to be a split second, he is no longer around here to walk this path I believed was ours to explore. Well the rest really I guess is history as they say. I have still yet to record the “SONG” that was written as a tribute that literally pushed me into the studio on that very holy day last September. I now know that the fate of that song too will find its’ day when it is ripe and ready to share with the world. In the meantime I continue to hush the inner voices of criticism and judgments to allow for the birth of whatever this is meant to be. I know within every fiber of this essence of mine that the music IS a very important part of not only my times of healing and discovery but to those many others who readily and open heartedly receive these songs into their sacred spaces… for this I say THANK YOU with all that I am and have to serve! I ask only for divine patience and understanding to trust this movement of spirit and grace, knowing that all is always perfect and in divine harmony!

Great job of mixing and a dynamic performance!  It is a powerful song that lifts me up. Another Keeper!  You’re doing amazing work and telling a story that I can relate to!  Just keep on creating Cath! Love you…Lynne

An enormous heart thank you is being sent to all of you lovely beings that have extended infinite love and support my way to help make this dream a reality, as well as all of your beautiful words that are deeply received in my heart.

I have an immense amount of gratitude to all of my family and friends (too numerous to list) who continue to support me and this divine gift. Without all of you, none of this would have ever been made possible. I must also mention as well I have been blessed to soar beside the wings of a musical angel …my heart honors firstly the incredibly safe space that was graciously given to me and continues to be extended every time I knock upon the door. There is much respect and gratitude in my heart being given, for without the incredible talent and direction of the person behind the voice, who has not only produced the music but also has co-written some of the material as well, I would still be in my bathtub! So to my friend, fellow musician extraordinaire, and creative genius Mr. Terry Taylor, thanks for seeing something that I could not ….and last but certainly not least to my dear sweet sista, Dr. Victoria. All things grow from a seed which has been planted somewhere in the mix. Thank you to you Victoria for seeing the seed that had been planted many moons ago and for taking the time to shower it with love, your sunshine and endless belief. Forever blessings to you for realizing something long before I could reach for it … dreams DO come true!”

These songs are oozing with passion and spirit!  Increadibly peaceful as well.  Love to you sister ;-) Thanks for sharing! Sequoia

Appreciative for this life and all of its evolutionary steps leading us onward to where we all belong … Namaste beautiful friends … May the light forever reach and shine on and in, to the magnificence known as you!! – Cathy Matarazzo

May the long time sun shine upon you
All love surround you
And the pure light within you
Guide your way on

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