What IS freedom to you … what does it look like and how does it find you?

This page is here to offer you extra support and sharing for your continued journey. Here you will find reference given to many books, articles, videos, websites that may be helpful and/or of some interest to the heart. Please do continue to check in as there will always be new things to ponder. Some of the resources here I have found to be excellent catalysts for greater understanding. Truth can be revealed in many different ways and found within all things. Do trust yourself in this process of discovery; you will connect with exactly what it is your heart is guiding you to …

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It is my heart’s pleasure and deepest honor to be of service to you with this offering … love and blessings to all!

Some of my FAVORITE’S…

I would like to begin the year off by recommending one delightful little treasure soon to be released … “the thought that changed my life forever”!! 

It has been written as a compilation of 52 short little chapters that I like to describe as an offering of spiritual inspiration from 52 incredible, soul-filled writers!  To visit the siteand learn more about the book and the authors, please go to  Or to purchase you can also visit –

… from my heart to yours …. be gentle and kind to my precious people!!!


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