LOVE is in the air … are you FEELING IT?

                  ~ Message from the Heart Doctor ~

                "the Heart Doctor"


Hello my beautiful people … how is your heart beating these days,
or have you even had a moment to check in?

Is life offering up to you the experiences you need in order to fill
that beautiful sacred vessel
inside with the love it so deserves to dance in OR have you been
feeling like you are missing out on the big prize?

Either way I am here to share that it’s ALL GOOD my lovelies! I say
this because I realized a very long time ago a trick that works like
magic truly, if you are finding yourself feeling a little left out in the cold!

~The key is to try and look at your situation or feeling as simply a
moment in time! The other piece of heart wisdom I would like to share
that is the most important thing to always remember is this …

YOU CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING” by simply changing how you see it!



Yes, what I just wrote is correct, you can change your perception on ANY experience,
person, place or thing by choosing to rechoose the place of focus your
mind gravitates to!

So, I do realize this may sound a bit elementary to some and perhaps
airy fairy but it really does work … (like magic). YOU have nothing
to lose and all to gain so for this month why not just try it out?

If you are having difficulty or just wish to surround yourself with like-minded heart beings while you take on this particular exercise and soul growth, perhaps you would like to consider joining us in our new Group Coaching program we will soon be offering!

It is being created to offer a unique opportunity to reflect, discover and integrate all of these deeper desires your heart has been waiting patiently for you to embrace!! Not only will you be part of a loving community, you will finally have a chance to make the changes that you have been thinking about for a very long time!

So please do feel free to reach out if you are interested in knowing more about this and or our other heart projects on the horizon!!!


IN the meantime, remember LOVE is in the air, if you can’t feel it, just try moving around until
you can! Adjust your love lenses and I guarantee you your heart will
be embraced in no time with the newness and infinite possibilities that
are there just waiting for you to discover!
EVERYTHING lies within the PERSPECTIVE we choose to EMBRACE!!

Own your life, engage your heart, let your song be heard my people!!!

Until next time, big love and hugs being sent your way!!!

“You can’t control the wind, but you can adjust your sail.”

- Jim Rohn

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