Freedom Wake Videos

Hey my friends, we shot this video series to elaborate on what a “freedom wake” actually is! They were recorded and taken from a 3 hour interview that was done as a means of really sharing who I am and how my serving has come to be!  So, please sit back and enjoy … who knows you may just experience the awakening of your own spirit call!

Click the videos below and let your awakening begin:

Beginning my Freedom Wake

Experiencing My Freedom Wake

Honoring Spirit

Love, Trust and Courage

Embrace the Oneness

Apache Blue Moon is Born

Freeing Apache Blue Moon (part two)

Freedom Wake to Self Awareness

Embracing Your Belief is Freedom

Choosing Freedom is a Choice

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Freeing Your Innocence

New Beginnings to Freedom

Aligning the Energies to Awaken the Freedom

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