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To my new friend,

HERE’S the THING, if you found this page then trust you’re at the right place at the right time in your life.

After much personal inquiry deep into my heart, I have come to realize that no matter what I do or where I go in this world, there is ONE element that is unchanging!  In order to find the internal power to move forward in our lives, there are times that WE ALL NEED to have some form of prayer and or some kind of blessing bestowed in our name. It may be a personal practice that we undertake ourselves for the sake of ourselves (out of desperate measures) OR something that we have grown to understand and integrate as part of our daily discipline of living that we do offer to another in their time of need.

Either way, it all boils down the the very same outcome … and that is, the moment a prayer is offered up in trust, truth and complete unconditional love, our lives CHANGE!

A few weeks back I decided to get more serious about helping more people with their practices. Over the last few years, have you found yourself drifting away from the root and core essence of your heart’s deepest desires?

How I relate to this is when I found myself distant from the very foundation that has ALWAYS provided me with the courage, strength and understanding to live and love!

I have spent these past two years and money having participated in a much different kind of discipline and focus that basically led me to search outside of my very familiar walls of sacred grounding.  All as an attempt to further my professional platform, I have engaged in many a playground that would widen my audience persay in order for me to really offer my servings to the world. What has happened as a result to all of this in terms of reaching my goal as first intended is NOTHING, yet ohh so much!

After committing to this particular meditation and after one of the prayer sessions, the infamous light of ahh haaa turned on ….I had re-found the gem of wisdom and guidance that I had been feverishly seeking for over the last few years of my life, not realizing that it had never been lost, just casually put away!  The answers to “how can I serve in the highest best, what does my serving look like, and really what is MY PURPOSE” were finally revealed …”GO BACK TO WHO YOU ARE, SHARE YOUR HEART AND SOUL THE ONLY WAY YOU KNOW HOW, THIS IS WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW!”


Well, with those words echoing very loudly through my entire being, I decided to LISTEN.  What began as a simple stroll along a path finally birthed into something much greater!  Within moments of hearing and feeling the intensity of the truth I was receiving from within, I immediately saw the floodgates of opportunity and genuine serving show up.  I NOW KNOW

By you trusting the internal signals of spirit communicating through you combined with the incredible desire to serve others, you are invited to join a platform of prayer and blessings for us all to embrace.

The purpose is to offer a space for which all can come and be part of the energetic love sharing that will be served to all whom have chosen to either share in the giving and or receiving of a freedom blessing.

We all have situations in our lives that call for extra support and help … this is just one way you can receive what is ultimately inherently yours … the love and blessings to help you overcome whatever adversity you may be dealing with!


The only thing required is an open heart and mind really, I will do the rest.  On a daily basis I will be offering the space in which to serve prayer and blessings to all who have joined the FB group.  There is no cost to you other than the choice to let go of your present situation by allowing the healing of this very special blessing to reach your heart!  If you are ready to make this shift and desire to move into your next phase of magnificence then by all means join us!

The time is NOW for us to grab hold onto the truth and greatness we all have within … the shift is imminent; the choice is whether or not we are ready to jump aboard the freedom train people!  This may just be the ticket you have been waiting for … much love being sent to your heart!

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Freedom Blessings

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