For the LOVE of MONEY

                Where Is Your DEFAULT Button Set To?


WHATS IN YOUR POCKET?                                                      

Hmm  for the love of money, really, where is your automatic memory recall button set as it relates to this reality?  I mean when I even hear “for the love of” statement  my immediate response automatically takes me to GOD not money or anything else!  So it is pretty easy to see where my default is set … it always leads ME directly back into my source, my love, my reality of God!

This might read as nonsense but on the contrary, it reflects the very deep rooting and unveiling of where my heart really sits as it pertains to my sense of freedom … it is definitely not around money as being the GOD in my life!  Now in saying all of that, I am not being disrespectful as I do fully appreciate and honor the purpose of money as energy and realize the good it can and does bring when distributed and used as a tool of exchange not someone’s disempowerment.  Where I believe the disturbance around the subject is birthed is when it is placed as not a primary tool of exchange but rather the be all end all to every decision one makes in their world!

This is what I mean when I ask, “where is your default button” set?  Does everything automatically lead back to the page where it is interpreted and compared against the financial balance sheet in your world?  Does it mean that when the accounting shows a surplus, it’s a good day and you are GREAT just the same as if in the negative, your day becomes a reflection of that lack? 

Good God people can you not see that you are SO MUCH MORE than your financial statements?

Again the choice is always ours to make and how we decide to show up in our worlds with each other and intimately with ourselves.  What I have come to realize from personal experience is lets say that if you have your default subconsciously set to be MONEY, there is a very high probability that money, as important it is to our human survival, is cleverly being used as a means of cover.

Yes that is correct, a cover to something much deeper inside that you are holding fear around owning or healing and releasing! 

Now unless you have already figured that one out on your own, there is a very high probability that some people reading this right now think I am full of bologna and the reason being is because you are one of the ones entrapped in the very thing I am speaking about, and until you choose to move out of it, it will be impossible to SEE! 

It’s as simple as that … you must rise above and take another view before you will be able to relate to the words I am writing .. and thats OK!

In other words, because of the importance in does play in our world with things like survival, happiness to some etc. when you use this as a means of expressing and understanding your personal worth or that of your relationships, you very well can be covering up the good stuff that is needing to be addressed underneath the daily balance sheet.  Money holds a very strong energy in and of itself and it is a very powerful entity in and of itself.  If you set this energy as being the source you choose to consistently and automatically follow as your lead, in the choices and direction you follow as well as the basis for most of your communications, you are greatly fooling yourself and robbing yourself of the true abundance that lies within your essence.

I offer you this heartfelt challenge to really look at your relationship to and with money.  I also offer you a heartfelt challenge to look and see where money fits into your most intimate relationships with your spouse or partner.  How much joy or how much stress revolves around this topic between the two of you?  Are you both on the same page in terms of relationship to this energy source OR do you see it as being used as the core  primary interference that halts the journey into greater intimacy the two of you could choose to experience?

Many entanglement issuses around this topic can indeed carve out a much different experience in your relationship in terms of how and what it is your heart signed up for.  Statistics show that the majority of divorces come as a result of imbalances around this very topic … money!  I say too bad because if our love boils down to that, for the love of money, instead of HEART, boy people do we really have our work cut out for us as a society!

The very sad thing that comes clear to me is just how misguided we can be around this sort of thing.  Yes, life happens shit happens and its not always a nice feeling when it does. 

Again, aren’t we the ones that choose our experiences people? 

To set money as the default in any relationship is not only painful but more importantly a death warrant to the stability of the relationship … unless of course both parties are in agreement to this and are functioning at the same level of understanding, which in that case you probably won’t be reading this!  

 To have money enter into the preciousness of your heart exchanges with your loved one and be used as a means of  disempowering the other, is very disturbing because it is the relationship that suffers.  The money issues will resolve in time and find their way but at what cost, there just may not be anyone standing there beside you to enjoy it in the end. 

I really hope people hear this truth and are able to put it into perspective enough to find the courage to really delve in to deeper areas of exploration if you are presently finding yourself being run by the energy of MONEY in any area of your world!

Let your new mantra be …” for the LOVE of LOVE” and see what happens in your life!  Remember life is precious, time a gift … find the courage to KNOW who you are and set your default button to LOVE and TRUTH!

                   ”own your life, embrace your heart and let your song be heard !”

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