the world is in need of more “Patch Adams”

Today started out just like every other day for me. Once the troops left and were well on their way to their daily happenings, there I sat with my first cup of java in hand, with the TV ever so slightly resonating in the background! The dogs were having their crazy morning play time and I decided to surf the channels to see if anything interesting would pop up … and it did!

It’s been years since this movie was first released and I am sure many of you reading this blog post can still remember it – Patch Adams! Wow, I loved it way back when I watched it for the very first time and LOVED it even more this morning after re-watching it after many, many years! I always knew what the story was about, as well as the fact that it indeed is based on a true story and there actually is a REAL Dr. Patch Adams, still alive and well I might add. “REAL” in every sense of the word!!

I find it to be quite remarkable at just how the universe delivers to us the promptings and “things” our spirits need to be shown. Be it reminders, affirmations and validations of inner goals one may have set, perhaps a light at the end of the tunnel OR simply just a lovin reminder of everything we have ALWAYS hoped for and prayed, who knows! What I can say personally though is, today and that movie was exactly that to me … a sweet, gentle nudge to give me the courage to keep moving in the direction of my heart … NO MATTER what the terrain, or how challenging the journey, your heart will ALWAYS lead the way!!I could not help but connect with the ways of Patch’s heart and the self-less serving … I’d be foolish to ignore the more than similar beat we share. After watching the movie I was guided to look him up on google and see just where this incredible soul is today in his work and offerings. I was pleased to read and see how he has lived a life completely in surrender of the truth he has always known! EVERYTHING he has done, he has done with the ultimate goal in mind which was delivered in the movie.

Sometimes hollywood can over dramatize things and events for the sake of entertainment purposes but certainly not in this case.  What I realized while reading his website ( is the continued efforts of Patch and those whom have chosen to show up and support the movement into that of bettering humanity!   This man has made his mark in history as far as I’m concerned even if after all of these years, his Gesundheit Institute is still in the process of construction. Patch Adams has spent a lifetime, his life, working towards this dream of someday society realizing  just what the heart has ALWAYS KNOWN LOVE  in the most UNCONDITIONAL  manner given to ALL not just the chosen ones!

THIS is what got to me, heart and soul! I have spent the good majority of my life as well, with the very same universal truths propelling my steps! Although I will say that my physical playground is not the same as the one Patch Adam’s uses to serve from, nonetheless the offering of heart is the very same!  It is a POWERFUL medium of transformation when one can see each other through the eyes of oneness and the same!  It takes a choice on behalf of each person to honour the soul of another in which the differences amongst them don’t register in the mix.

Honesty, Commitment, Faith, Hope, Unlimited Compassion, Dignity, Respect for self and then all others, Courage, Determination, Trust, Creativity, Focus, LOVE, and more LOVE ….. these are the ingredients that contribute to the CHANGE the world is ready and needing to embrace!!!

Here’s a final thought I will leave with your hearts to ponder …


Taken from Patch Adam’s Life Prescription, here is one of his questions that he poses -


“If compassion and generosity were the measure of success that money and power are now, how would your life change?”


Only YOU can answer this question and the one and only thing I can say forsure is this … how you choose to answer this question WILL undoubtably serve as the blueprint for your life, the foundation for your dreams, and the very breath beneath your WINGS!!!

”own your life, embrace your heart and let your song be heard !”- heart doctor

LOVE is in the air … are you FEELING IT?

Hello my beautiful people ... how is your heart beating these days, or have you even had a moment to check in? Is life offering up to you the experiences you need in order to fill that beautiful sacred vessel inside with the love it so deserves to dance in OR have you been feeling like you are missing out on the big prize? Either way I am here to share that it's ALL GOOD my Read the rest of this entry »
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