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Blessings and a sharing from the HEART DOCTOR …

Cathy Matarazzo "the Heart Doctor"Hello beautiful ones … Happy New Year and hope your holiday season was a joyful delight! How is life treating you these days? I am going to assume your heart is dancing in love and peace my friends!

You know, this is the year to embrace all of your desires and make them a reality not just a wish!

Every year we set resolutions to better our space, to try and make the changes we have spent so much time and energy thinking about to only end up hoping that through the grace of something magical, they will indeed become a new reality in our lives.

Well my people, I am here to share that I personally have done this for far too long with far too less of a heart return that I KNOW, we are all worthy and deserving of! Be it degrees of procrastination, lack of belief … you name it I have touched and experienced all of these energies that so many people still continue to be plagued with on a daily basis.

To have personally journeyed this path has been such a valuable and abundant gift though because through it all, I have learned and remembered such divine teachings that are meant to be passed on to each and every one of you should you relate to any of what I am sharing with you today. REMEMBER – THE TIME IS NOW to choose a path that will align you with what it is you are most desiring!!

Change is our birthright, choice is the key … freedom is the RESULT!!!

This year I have chosen to focus my serving to just that; to helping provide the guidance and coaching to people who are ready and willing to experience life through a much clearer perspective. The purpose of this message of course is to share this with all of you and also to ask, that should you come across anyone whom you feel would benefit from my heart and spirit coaching for the soul, if you would kindly let them know of my services!

In supporting these efforts, please also realize that YOU are serving the universe in a very powerful way to help in the raising of awareness for our world! “What we give so shall we receive ” … nothing ever gets overlooked in the universal eyes of our existence!


It’s been quite awhile since I have dedicated my entire serving to this arena, its like coming back full circle … for those of you who have personally known me for a long time, you will remember this is exactly how I was called to start out all those years ago! As I am now finding my way and being very much guided back into this type of serving hugely, my heart is smiling immensely because I know what I offer is, life changing! The results and many testimonials speak for themselves!

So … if you could please just keep it and me in mind, if that’s ok with your heart of course, should the opportunity find you to pass on this information, do know I would greatly appreciate the chance to serve anyone in need of clarity and truth as my heart so lovingly does!

The heart doctor has entered the building people …lol


Feel free to offer and use this email address,! I am in the process of creating lots of cool things … so stay tuned my loved ones! A few things to keep your eyes open for in the meantime is my upcoming teleseminar on “knowing your heart first”! Those of you interested in participating, please let me know as soon as you can, I would love to have you!

There will be workshops as well as a very special retreat that is in the process of being created right now! I am so very excited about this as it has been a long time in coming and it will be an incredible opportunity for those joining in, to reach deeply into that very very sacred space of their hearts!!

Also, don’t miss out on the weekly radio shows on “lets get real radio” We have such inspirational guests on each week sharing their stories of freedom and abundance of all kinds…
Every Monday and Wednesday 1pm central time you can catch me and my co-host Warren Wojnowski as we dabble into the mystery and wonder of this beautiful life we are all messengers for!

Now, having shared all of that .. i do hope all is well with you and yours! Jot me a note sometime, always nice to hear from you .. Big love, thanks and hugs, cath

peace, love and blessings …

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