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So … Who Is Cathy Matarazzo?

Cathy Matarazzo’s heart overflows to the point that she simply cannot contain herself. That is why she does what she does — give to others and bless the lives of so many. She has been a blessing to my life and I’m sure the same will be true for you as well.” ~ James Twyman

That is definitely a loaded question … who am I really?

I have spent the good part of my almost 45 years consciously embracing the sacred truth of that very question. What I have come to realize is that I am simply a child of this divine wondrous universe we all know as life! I am certain that if you were to ask that same question to the many souls whom have graced my path, they would definitely provide a few different answers describing the various roles I have participated in …

Cathy is a very gifted and authentic spiritual healer and energy worker who is utterly unique. She has uncanny insight and clearly is able to tap into a “sacred wisdom” that guides her in serving others. She is a gift to this world whose mission is to help others find their freedom.

~ Warren Wojnowski

As with all others whom truly choose to awaken to the process of divine spiritual evolution, the playgrounds do change to support the inner growth one is experiencing in the moment. I can only answer to the best of what my heart and soul have guided me to remember this day. I have surrendered to a life of love and service to self and all those whom are ready and willing to remember the truth of who they really are and have always been. This gift of serving shows itself in numerous ways. It can be felt through the many different expressions of creative artistry I am forever blessed to have embraced. If a person’s heart can be touched by listening to the songs that I have been guided to create and record, or by receiving a simple gesture of a hug I may share, or by feeling safe enough to trust and have the courage to journey inward to find that happiness and freedom that they are so deserving of, by my simply sharing my own heart and soul, then I know I have done what I have come here to do …the rest, well, is really out of my hands.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring and the ways I will be asked to simply “show up” and serve love, in and with love!!

What I will say about myself is that I truly am one crazy being who is completely enamored with life and the beautiful gifts it has to offer us all … and with that, I will continue to walk forever gently in the magnificence and sacredness of it all!

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