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I Am Deeply Honored To Share Cathy Matarazzo Freedom Wake With You

freedom wakI have an abundance of gratitude in my heart for this birthing and for all the eyes that may be led to discover it.

I am so deeply touched and honored to be given this opportunity to share through this expression the incredible role spirit has played in my world thus far.

My prayer for this site is that it will serve as a premise, to help all of us continue to uncover the mysteries of our own very intimate sacred truths and beautiful hidden jewels within. The birthing of this website is simply my most recent extension of creative juices taking form. I will admit to the challenge I have found within by merely being asked to put to words who and what I am in this world. My experiences have always created a very safe cocoon in which I have been so gently able to serve my heart and soul in a very non-assuming way to many, many people.

Through the years I have found myself to not be completely comfortable with the idea of advertising and such, simply due to the fact that I really believe I am not doing anything different than just acknowledging life as it unfolds before my eyes moment to moment! This reality is what has actually brought forth all of the opportunities I have had over the years to help serve in the highest best interest of all hearts. My soul purpose continues to show itself through this vessel in many ways yet the essence of direction is always in the honoring of love and the connection to one’s own discovery of sacred intimacy.

It doesn’t feel fitting in this moment to use this platform as a way of describing what I can do for you … for I believe that we all have what we truly need already deep within our beings. My hope then would be that just maybe my shared experiences may perhaps just be a trigger for someone else’s own freedom.

Throughout this website one will be able to read, feel, connect and maybe even dance the dance of renewed discovery through the words and music of one soul willing to share their own divine perspective on life and its’ sacred remembrance.

Personally I have never been one to connect with certain labels or titles for myself because the energies around that for me have always been felt and received with such restriction and trappings. My world as I see it and thus this website creation has appropriately been called “freedom wake”! This name came to me in dream from spirit to allow the safe space for me to finally integrate the truth and essence of my deepest wishes and prayers for this world. A wake is a celebration, freedom is who we all are if we so choose. Together I offer this freedom wake to all whom trust their own guidance and direction in being led to this site and deeper into their hearts. It is offered as a gift of light and love from my soul to yours, to be embraced however it may resonate with your truth.

As I continue to evolve so will this website and all expressions I am willing to share … may your being be filled with truth, love and peace … always

…and so we begin…

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